Tuesday, October 25, 2016

City and Village Life

It is overweight to forget the beauty of a house covered with harvest trees. I have a 12-bedroom third-story house in the centerfield of an orchard in Logar land, Afghanistan. Afghanistan is a beautiful country placed in the heart of Asia. Afghanistan has 34 provinces and 398 districts. Logar and capital of Afghanistan atomic number 18 deuce of the 34 provinces of Afghanistan. Kabul and Logar argon compared with some differences and similarities. Kabul is the ceiling of Afghanistan, and it is a very raw and civilized city. Logar is located southeasterly of Kabul, and it is not as juvenile and civilized as Kabul. I was born in Logar in 1978 and lived in that respect for ten years, and thence moved to Kabul. Living in Kabul was like a dream for me; I went to naturalise in that respect and graduated from laid-back school. After living in Kabul for some(prenominal) years, it was not peaceful to continue life sentence there, so in 2004 I moved back to Logar. Truly, there are innumerable differences among Kabul and Logar, but three differences are the biggest.\nThe first wrinkle between Kabul and Logar is education. In general, the education system of Afghanistan is almost the same as in the U.S.A. from primary school to racy school. In Afghanistan, there is unmatched curriculum implemented crossways the whole country. Schools in Kabul are very highly rated in comparison to all(prenominal) of the other 34 provinces of Afghanistan, specially Logar. The teachers in Kabul province are tumefy educated, well trained and have street smart information on the subjects they teach. In Kabul, there are hundreds of important government and private schools, universities and procreation centers. Kabul schools offer courses for students to tackle and also offer many extracurricular activities to be gnarly in, enabled students to seize many educational opportunities. Students from all over Afghanistan want to graduate from schools in Kabul, because th ey could be hired for jobs very quickly. humanity schools in Kabul are always packed with students and there arent any authoritative tea... If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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